1-2 Hours

RoboRally is a robot race game in which each player attempts to be the first to touch a series of flags by maneuvering a robot across a dynamic race course. The game is for two to eight players playing independently or on teams. Frequently, the race will mutate into multi-player skirmishes as those players who are behind use their weaponry in an attempt to slow the opposition. The simultaneous movement rules encourage clever strategies and counterstrategies as players try to second-guess their opponents.


  • RoboRally Operating Manual
  • 2 Factory Floor Guides--Quick-reference guides to the operation of all board elements.
  • 6 factory tiles--Modular sections of the playing board. A Factory Tile is made up of squares, some empty and others containing board elements. Factory Tiles are grouped together to make up the playing board. The six tiles that come with RoboRally are Cannery Row, Cross, Exchange, Island, Maelstrom, and Pit Maze.
  • 84 program cards--Cards used to program how a robot will move. There are forty-two movement cards and forty-two rotate cards (18 x Move 1, 12 x Move 2, 6 x Move 3, 6 x Back-up, 18 x Rotate Right, 18 x Rotate Left and 6 x U-Turn). Each program card has a priority number.
  • 26 option cards--Extra equipment robots may acquire during the course of a race.
  • 8 zinc robot miniatures (for "real" robots)
  • 8 two-dimensional robot counters (for "virtual" robots)
  • 6 flag counters
  • 32 robot life tokens
  • 61 damage chits

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