Type: Series 12 Twonky-style Vid Bot
Operation Notes: The Twonky is cursed. It knows exactly what's going on. It knows there is no escape, and it knows that telling the other robots will only make things worse. Twonkys frequently contemplate self-destruction, but refuse to give the computers the satisfaction.
Factory Task: Efficiency monitoring and communications.
Unit History: The control computer for LOOK-E-77-P decided to place her in the Roborally after she began starting floor status reports with selected quotes from Nietzsche.

Squash Bot:
Type: Heavy Gauge Roller Bot
Operation Notes: Roller Bots like things nice and flat, and they see flatness as a sign that they're doing their job well. Anything that isn't flat is bad, and is perceived as both a challenge and an insult. Luckily, they are very slow.
Factory Task: Rolling mill operations.
Unit History: Roll-M 2D had a stunning insight one day when he realized that the factory itself was disturbingly un-flat. His attempts to rectify this earned him an immediate slot in the current Roborally.
Type: Tread-mounted Inspector Bot
Operation Notes: Inspector Bots determine if units, products, and working conditions in the factory are safe. As a result, they have full working knowledge of everything that could possibly go wrong and are instructed to go and seek out problems. Inspector Bots twitch at bright lights, loud noises, sudden movement, or nothing at all. The typical Inspector Bot is convinced that the robot next to it is about to go mad and would send out a warning by radio if it didn't know how dangerous even that was.
Factory Task: Site and product inspection.
Unit History: EEK-47600-J did an overall site analysis and determined that the most dangerous factor in a robot's environment was its control computer. EEK-47600-J was placed in the current Roborally almost instantly.
Zoom Bot:
Type: Mark VII Zoom Bot
Operation Notes: Inherently unstable (in more ways than one), Zoom Bots are the closest thing the Roborally world knows to a cheerful personality. They are convinced that everything has a purpose and that there will be a reward for faithful service to the Creators. They are usually the first to die, allowing the survivors a brief taste of joy and satisfaction into their own miserably short lives.
Factory Task: Communications and site hospitality.
Unit History: ZIP 550 indicated that he would be happy to continue serving on the experimental Explosive Widget Testing Team, but was equally thrilled at a chance to race in the latest Roborally.
Hammer Bot:
Type: Maxwell Class Hammer Bot
Operation Notes: Hammer Bots love their job. Some computers have speculated that the typical Hammer Bot thinks its job is to be a drummer in a rock band. This drumming tendency annoys some other units, only because they never know when a Hammer Bot is going to break into a drum solo while they're talking to it.
Factory Task: Demolition and product size reduction.
Unit History: A minor software glitch caused BANG-BANG 4.7b to begin improvising. She had managed to compose the first three hours of an imaginative, if somewhat repetitive, drum solo when the floor she was working on collapsed. Her control computer decided that the current Roborally would make for a suitable encore.
Spin Bot:
Type: Spin-o-lux Dervish-style Spin Bot
Operation Notes: The Spin Bot never stops spinning throughout its lifetime. As a result, it's reaction time is quick and it is able to avoid many dangers. Locomotion is provided by a magnetically secure, universal ball bearing. Balance is maintained gyroscopically. The only part that does not move is the eye stalk which is mounted on a free-floating gymbol. If this seizes up, then disorientation follows instantly, and the bot is out of control. If this happens, get out of the way ASAP.
Factory Task: Widget loading and transport.
Unit History: WREEEEE-43.3 was damaged during shipping, and his eye stalk tends to freeze up frequently. As a result of this, the unit has spent much of his robotic life completely disoriented and out of control. The constant spinning has made him blissfully pleasant, if just a little simple-minded.
Hulk X90:
Type: H. G. Well and Good Tripod
Operation Notes: All of the Roborally robots are neurotic, but the tripods are programmed from the start with the delusion that they are actually hundreds of feet tall, and if released upon the "outside world" they would be unstoppable juggernauts of destruction. This delusion serves no purpose other than to give the tripods marginally more self-confidence than their fellows.
Factory Task: Heavy maintenance and defective widget pulverization
Unit History: HULK X90 has developed a chronic falling problem after complaints of vertigo. His control computer has suggested that maybe now is a good time to test his immense size and strength in the next Roborally.
Trundle Bot:
Type: Class VI Tank-style Trundle Bot
Operation Notes: Trundle Bots are tougher than any other style of robot and don't you forget it. Of course, this is just a matter of degree, and their life spans are as ephemeral as anybody else's. They're just a bit more surprised when they're destroyed.
Factory Task: Heavy maintenance and site security.
Unit History: BRUT312.k40 was recently reassigned to the Sector 7G Gratuitous Manual Crushing Unit and the excessive glee with which she completed her duties there has earned her a spot in the latest Roborally.

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