At a two-wrench repair site, robots may receive an option card instead of having 2 points of damage repaired. Some option cards are extra weapons like Rear Laser; some are weapon enhancements, like Double Barrel Laser or Fire Control; some are simply weapon-related, like Shield or Ablative Coat; and some are racing-related, like Recompile or Fourth Gear. Unlike the priority numbers on program cards, the catalog numbers on option cards have no effect on game play. To assist in understanding options, some general rules apply.

Optional Weapon:
An optional weapon may be used anytime the main laser may be fired. (However, either the main laser or an optional weapon must be used.)

Tractor Beam is an example of an optional weapon. If a robot with a Tractor Beam has an opportunity to shoot another robot, it may do so with either the Tractor Beam or the main laser. However, it must choose one, and it must fire.

Main Laser Mod:
A main laser modification is an enhancement to the main laser and is permanently active. Players may not choose to use a main laser mod like they can optional weapons. Main lasers mods must be used when the main laser is used.

Double Barrel Laser is an example of a main laser mod. If a robot with a Double Barrel Laser shoots another robot with its main laser, it must do so with the Double Barrel Laser, dealing 2 points of damage. (The main laser has been modified to always deal 2 points of damage, and the robot may not turn off the Double Barrel Laser and just deal 1 point of damage.)

Additional Weapons:
Additional weapons are weapons that are used in addition to the main laser. Players must always use an additional weapon when appropriate.

Rear Laser is an example of an additional weapon. If a robot with a Rear Laser has an opportunity to fire at a robot with its main laser (if a robot is directly in front of it) and with its Rear Laser (if a robot is directly behind it), then it must fire at both robots.

Turn Programmed:
An option card that is turn programmed is programmed during the Program Option Cards segment of the turn sequence. How to program an option card is usually straightforward and written on the card.

Shield is an example of a turn programmed option. It protects one side of a robot from laser fire. It is programmed by indicating each turn which side the Shield will protect.

Run Time:
Run time options can be used anytime the option card indicates it is appropriate. They do not need to be programmed in advance.

Fourth Gear is an example of a run time option. Fourth Gear allows a robot to move forward four squares anytime it is executing a Move 3. "Run Time" here means that the player may choose to use the option as she's using the Move 3 card. She doesn't have to decide to use it when she's programming her hand, and she may choose not to use the option at all.

Other Option Cards:
Other options have detailed instructions about their use on the cards themselves. Remember that, in general, any option may be exchanged to prevent a point of damage as indicated in the Repairing Damage section.

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