These Hints & Tips are the key to winning at this game.
(Deze Hints & Tips zijn de sleuten voor het winnen van dit spel.)

Placement of armies:
As with many board games, the way that Risk is played depends largely on the participants. I will stick to the standard methods. At the begining of the game the cards are distributed eaqually between the participants. Then comes the ever important decision of where to place your armies. When doing so, I suggest the following.

Put all of your eggs in one basket. Find the continent that you have the most territories in and focus your power there. Avoid going after a continent where another player has placed a large number of armies. This will just spread you thin early.

Selecting a continent:
Whenever possible it is smarter to start with a continent that does not have to many fronts to defend. Europe and North America are usually fairly hard to start out with but certainly not impossible. If you are in good possition for them early, go for it. However, it is suicidal to start in Asia.

The easiest continents to conquer are South America and Australia. Although you will only receive two additional armies each turn for having one of these, either can easily be captured on your first turn. This will give you an advantage over those who wait serveral turns to obtain there first continent. It is crutial, no matter what continent that you first go for, that you secure a continent within the first few turns. The sooner, the better. When securing your continent, make sure to save enough armies to defend it's borders. If not, another player will invade to prevent you from obtaining the extra armies on your next turn.

Always place all of your extra armies on your boarders and fronts. Armies that are placed within a continent will not do you any good. Move them all to the outside.

Keep an adequate number of armies on your boarders to deter invasion. Keep an extra high amount of armies on boaders where you aponent is building up forces. Some boarders can be gaurded with fewer armies so that more armies can be placed on boarders that are more of a threat. Use careful planning when desiding where to do this.

Trading in cards is crutial to your success. To take a card at the end of a turn you must invade at least one territory. You should try to get a card every turn.

If you have no immediate agenda, attack a country with one or two armies to obtain a card and minimize losses. It is a good idea to leave a place available to get cards as described above. Avoid being the first person to trade in your cards. The longer that you wait, the more armies you will receive (U.S. rules). Never let another player see your cards. Even if you do not have a trade in pretend that you do. This is called bluffing.

A common mistake that is made by many is to try to conquer the world in the first three turns only to find themselves spread too thin and ripe for destruction. Always aviod large conflicts early.

When planning a large attack, plan it carefully. Think about what could go wrong and have a plan to cover yourself if things do not go as planned. As a rule of the thumb, whenever I plan an attack I plan on losing as many armies as I need to defeat. Make sure that you have enough armies to adequately defend both your old and new territories once your turn is over.

When another player has a continent with a weak border, it is always a good idea to attack it for the purpose of preventing them from obtaining their extra armies on their next turn.

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