It is possible that a product does not meet your expectations. In that case you can return the product within 7 workdays after delivery to The cost for return shipping are to be paid by you. The total amount excluding shipping cost will be send to your account within 7 workdays after we receive the product.

When there is a problem with a product, we will always try to work with you to look for the right solution.

When a wrong product is deliverd.
U can choose to keep the product or to return the product to us. In this case the return shipping costs will be for paid by If you choose to keep the product, the overpaid amound will be returned to you.

IMPORTANT: The product has to be packaged well so there is no chance of damage during shipping. We can only take returned producs who arrived in the same state as they have left. When the product does not arrive in the same state as when it left, we will charge you for it.


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