• All cars drive on hard tires.
  • All cars also have nitro fuel injection, which can be used once a lap after rolling the gear die and provides a movement bonus according to the gear used (+1 spaces in 1st gear, +2 in 2nd, etc); then place a damage marker on the score card space.

Catalina Santana - Ace At The Wheel
Once a lap this driver may reroll the gear die (the second result counts). A damage marker is placed on the feature symbol to show that it has been used.

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Derek Manson - Aggressive
Every time this driver is involved in a collision, his opponent has to roll the black die twice instead of once (treat each roll as a separate collision check).

Diana Montfort - Quick Off The Mark
If several drivers have the same position, This driver is always the first to move, even
if one or more drivers are faster and/or are nearer the inside of the corner. She also wins if there is a tie when the starting positions are determined using the black die.

Dimitri Tzarof - Little Genius
This car’s features are extraordinary, and the engine is especially robust. In the event
of engine failure, he only loses 1 engine WP if he rolls 1-3 (1-2 if it is raining).

Jack Owens - Skidding Pro
This driver can adjust his move plus or minus 1 space in every corner, as he has
perfect skid control. He loses 1 tire WP whenever he uses this skill.

Jenny Slivers - Experienced Mechanic
This driver regains 4 WP instead of 2 WP every time she crosses the finishing line.
The original number of points may never be exceeded in any category.

Julien Frogger Marcellin - Weather Frog
Each time the black die is rolled to determine weather conditions (including at the beginning of the game) this driver is allowed to roll the die again, and the second result counts. If it is raining, he only slides 1 space forward (instead of 3 spaces) when he stops in a corner.

Li Tsu Sin - How Sweet!
Each time an opponent (male or female) overtakes this driver on a straight their speed is reduced by one square while they try and catch a glimpse of her.

Montoya Cadena - Better Nitro
If this driver wishes, he may receive a bonus of 3 additional spaces every time he uses the nitro fuel injection.

Stanley Washington - Car Radio
Once per race this driver thinks his car radio plays bad music, and he throws it out
of the window, onto a car in an adjacent space. The target car then loses 1 WP in a category defined by rolling the black die:
1-4 tires WP
5-7 brakes WP
8-10 gearbox WP
11-13 car body WP
14-17 engine WP
18-20 road handling WP
A damage marker is placed on the feature symbol to show that it has been used.

Temana Matahi - Pile of Scrap
Once per lap this driver can place a damage marker on a space as he leaves it. A damage marker is placed on the feature symbol to show that it has been used. In addition, if he lands on a space with a damage marker he only loses 1 road handling WP if he rolls 1 or 2.

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