Formel Fun

50 Min
In this clever racing game, cars move around a 30-space track on which the spaces are numbered from 1 to 10, then 1 to 10 again, then 1 to 10 for a third time. The cards have different powers depending on which number your car is sitting on. For instance, a card might move you 8 spaces if you're sitting on an 8, but only 3 spaces otherwise. Cards go in and out of your hand at a rapid rate as you play and discard your way through a series of races, and card management skills will come in handy if you've got them. Each race goes by quite quickly, but the game consists of a whole series of races. the gimmick being that, at the end of each race, the car that came in last is removed from the game, and the next race has one fewer starters and so on until the game is down to the last two cars and the last race for the ultimate victory.


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